Cmder a fency terminal

06 May 2019

I do a lot of easy coding with batch files. So you can imagine that I could have sometimes several cmd windows open here and there … what a mess.

Cmder solved my problem.

I just used the cmder-mini. To replace the cmd with the cmder :

  • Open cmder.exe
  • Win+Alt+P to open the settings
  • go in Integration / Default term
  • Check [x] Force ConEmu as default terminal for console applications
  • Check [x] Register on OS startup
  • Save settings


If you use FreeCommander (an expolorer much better that the one from Windows), you know that you can open a cmd terminal where your explorer is by pressing Ctrl+D. In order to use Cmder as well with this:

  • Open cmder.exe
  • Win+Alt+P to open the settings
  • Startup / Task
    • Create a new one by clicking +
    • Give the ‘cmd’ name
    • Task parameters : /icon "%CMDER_ROOT%\icons\cmder.ico"
  • Go in Settings / View / DOS Prompt
  • Modify DOS box command specification : <path-of-your-Cmder.exe> /task "cmd" /single



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