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I wanted to create an animation with krita which is pretty easy AND add some real time animation where I am drawing. I did not find a way to do it with krita even if it can do a timelaps but with a delay of 1s minimum.

I divided this in 3 little pieces:

  • Animation 1 with transform Mask from krita
  • a real time drawing
  • Animation 3 with transform Mask from krita

I used for this several tools:

Here are the steps with examples:

  • prepare you animation
  • increase the keyframes with FFmpeg_Add_keyframe_v01.bat
  • cut the first part you want as Animation 1 with Losslesscut
  • copy the middle frame that you will use and import it in a new document in Krita
  • start recording with FFmpeg_ScreenCapture-Audio_v06.bat
  • in krita open the canvas only via Tab
    • type 3 to have it extended to the screen
    • move it with Space a bit up until to have the bottom part fitting to the bottom screen
    • start drawing
  • stop the screen capture with Ctrl + c
  • increase keyframe of the output
  • cut the output how you need
  • increase the output speed if needed with FFMPEG_SpeedUp_v04.bat
    • BIG problem you can see the tabs at the top so create a png from the same size with a black banner at the top or whatever you need as back ground
    • overlay the output above with your png via ffmpeg -stats -loglevel error -i "input.mp4" -i "input.png" -filter_complex "[0:v][1:v]overlay" -y -c:a copy "output.mp4"
  • copy paste the drawn layer in krita in the middle of the animation
  • render the animation, cut it and so on to get Animation 2
  • bind all to get the final animation
    • Animation 1
    • your drawing
    • Animation 2

Final result: