Dorian Gravier like to cook, oh ja aber nicht nur. Even if he is a french guy ( ja you know French people and language), he can still speak something like his mother tongue as well as using them at work.

Alright, let’s stay a bit simple in what I am wanna present you here. The goal of this website is to give the opportunity to people to get an idea of what I have done and what I can or could do. Let’s call it a Portofolio, it seems to be the mode since a while. I invite you to look around, you may find something that is catching you curiosity. Do not hesitate to contact me if you would to get more information or give me a comment.

I am found of personnal and professional development and I am constantly asking for feedback. Critics are always bringing forward (if they are of course constructive).

Actual position

Actually working as an Data Analyst & HTS Robotic Specialist in a private pharmaceutical company (HDC GmbH in Konstanz, Germany). We are providing services regarding High-Throughput Screening (HTS), High-Content Screening (HCS) and compound management.

As responsible of 4 robotic lines, my tasks are relatively diverse, from programming robots, complete data processing and analysis (with R of the company (complete data analysis workflows and solution build from the scratch), optimising robotic and working workflows, assay development regarding automation, quality control of results and troubleshooting, maintenance of all the devices (liquid handling, robots, incubators …).

Without having studied this engineering and biotechnology field, the challenge has been to start from 0 and this in different areas in a new created company without having expert to support me. My experience acquired during my career is based on several skills that I consider valuable and that I am constantly trying to improve. High adaptation and autonomie capabilities, looking for organisational work and responsibilities, focus on communication and team spirit, interest in problem solving and process optimisation are the one that speak me the most.


EMail: dorian.gravier(at)gmail.com