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I was getting some coordinate on the web and wanted to create gpx waypoints in order to import this on my Handy via Locus.

The easiest way to do for me was to use again GPSBabel.

You will actually find all info in the documentation here.

However to make it simple, we will use the format “unicsv” from GPSbabel, this is just meaning that you can use headers and add much more info than just importing a csv with 3 columns (latitude, longitude, name).

Here an example of my csv:

Latitude	Longitude	Name	Description
46.7890323730044	6.46634113331657	Aiguille de Baulmes ***	 Routen: 3a bis 7b
47.5926110548875	8.13031337617312	Albbruck *****	 Routen: 3b bis 7c
47.283307581786	7.38204271694843	Arête spéciale ****	 Routen: 5c
47.2445693869596	7.53759512779623	Balmflue ***	 Routen: 4b bis 8a
47.9210178166044	7.23398344505069	Bergholtz ****	 Routen: 4c bis 8a
47.2033541618104	7.19107035686303	Blanche-Neige **	 Routen: 4a bis 5a
47.191019092469	7.20897962212162	Bonnes Fontaines ****	 Routen: 3a bis 7b
47.2965669454085	7.7044582067714	Bränten ***	 Routen: 6a

and my cmd.

gpsbabel -i unicsv -f input.csv -o gpx -F output.gpx

Load it into gpx.studio to test it