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While I was planing a Ski tour I landed on a DAV website to reserve Hut. I realize that their URL is ending by an ID: https://www.alpsonline.org/reservation/calendar?hut_id= Meaning that the all info from their hut are easily available for few lines of code with R for example. I decide to take the step and give me a challenge to have a Leaflet marker for all those Hut with a link to the reservation site.

Here the summarized workflow I have built in the Rscript:

  • I first got all the hut name from the different url.
  • Use ggmap package to find the localisation of the names (geocoding)
  • convert those info in a js variable
  • change the default icon
  • and ja other little things …

You will have then 1 new layer available:

  • POI - DAV-SAC-CAS Hutten